Important English Words For Competitive Exams

1. Abase

Cause To Feel Shame

2. Abdication

voluntary giving up of throne in favour of someone

3. Aberration

A State Or Condition Markedly Different From The Normal

4. Abject

Most Unfortunate Or Miserable

5. Abrasive

Sharply Disagreeable, Rigorous

6. Abstain

Choose Not To Consume

7. Abundant

Present In Great Quantity

8. Accede

Yield To Another s Wish Or Opinion

9. Accentuate

To Stress, Single Out As Important

10. Acclimate

Get Used To A Certain Climate

11. Accolade

Any honour Acclaim, award, commendation, laurel, laudation

12. Accomplice

A Person Who Joins With Another In Carrying Out Some Plan

13. Accord

Concurrence Of Opinion

14. Acerbic

Harsh Or Corrosive In Tone

15. Acme

The Highest Stage Of Development

16. Acquiesce

To Agree Or Express Agreement

17. Acquit

Pronounce Not Guilty Of Criminal Charges

18. Adage

A proverb or byword

19. Adverse

Contrary To Your Interests Or Welfare

20. Aesthete

A Person Who Is Appreciative Of And Sensitive To Art And Beauty

21. Afflict

Cause Physical Pain Or Suffering In

22. Agenda

a list of headings of the business to be transacted at a meeting

23. Alimony

allowance paid to wife on legal separation

24. Allege

Report Or Maintain

25. Allude

Make A More Or Less Disguised Reference To

26. Almanac

an annual calender with positions of stars

27. Altruist

one, who considers the happiness and well

28. Amateur

a man who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession

29. Ambidexterity

30. Ambivalent

Having mixed feelings about someone or something

31. Amphibian

animals which live both on land and sea

32. Ample

More Than Enough In Size Or Scope Or Capacity

33. Amputate

to cut off a part of a persons body which is infected

34. Anarchist

one, who is out to destroy all governance, law and order

35. Anthology

a collection of poems

36. Anthology

a collection of poems

37. Anthropologist

one, who studies the evolution of mankind

38. Anticipate

Be Excited Or Anxious About

39. Antipathy

A Feeling Of Intense Dislike

40. Apocryphal

Something whose authenticity is questionable irrespective of its wide circulation

41. Apparent


42. Append

Add To The Very End

43. Apt

Naturally Disposed Toward

44. Aquatic

animals/plants ere which live in water

45. Aquatic

animals/plants ere which live in water

46. Arbitrate

Act Between Parties With A View To Reconciling Differences

47. Arbitrator

a person, appointed by two parties to solve a dispute

48. Archetype

an original model on which something is patterned

49. Archives

a place where government or public records are kept

50. Aristocracy

government by the nobles

51. Arsenal

a place for ammunition and weapons

52. Artifact

a man-made object taken as a whole

53. Ascetic

A Person Who Practices Such Self

54. Aspidistra

55. Aspire

Have An Ambitious Plan

56. Assail

Attack Someone Physically Or Emotionally

57. Assuage

To make milder or less severe

58. Astrologer

a person who studies the influence of heavenly bodies on human beings

59. Astronomer

a person, who studies stars, planets and other heavenly bodies

60. Asunder

Into Separate Pieces

61. asylum

62. Atheist

a person who does not believe in God

63. Atone

To Doing Something Right For Some Wrong Done

64. Attire

Clothing Of A Distinctive Style Or For A Particular Occasion

65. Audience

a number of people listening to a lecture

66. August


67. Austere

Severely Simple

68. Autobiography

the life history of a person written by himself

69. Autocracy

government by one person

70. Avarice

Extreme Greed For Material Wealth

71. Aversion

A Feeling Of Intense Dislike

72. Avid

Marked By Active Interest And Enthusiasm

73. Awesome


74. Awful

very bad or unpleasant.

75. Axiom

a statement which is accepted as true without proof

76. Banality

Predictable, Obvious

77. Begin

perform or undergo the first part of (an action or activity).

78. Belligerent

a person, nation that is involved in war

79. Bemused

Filled With Bewilderment

80. Beneficial


81. Beseech

82. Besiege

To Attack With Army

83. Bestow


84. Betrothed


85. Bibliophile

a lover and collector of books

86. Biennial

an event which happens once in two years

87. Bigamy

the practice of having two wives or husbands at a time

88. Bigot

a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own

89. Bizarre

Very strange or unusual

90. Bland

Lacking Stimulating Characteristics, Uninteresting

91. Blasphemy

Impure action or words concerning something religious or sacred

92. Blasphemy

Impure action or words concerning something religious or sacred

93. Boast

Show Off

94. Bouquet

a collection of flowers

95. Brag


96. Brazen

Shameless or impudent

97. Brisk

Active, Fast, Energetic

98. Brook

A Natural Stream Of Water Smaller Than A River

99. Bully

A Person Who Uses Strength Or Power To Harm Or Intimidate Those Who Are Weaker.

100. Bureaucracy

government by the officials

101. Cajole

To persuade by buttering up or making promises

102. Calligraphist

a person, who writes beautiful handwriting

103. Calligraphist

a person, who writes beautiful handwriting

104. Calm

not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.

105. Candid

Straightforward And Truthful

106. Cannibal

one, who feeds on human flesh

107. Capitulate

Surrender Under Agreed Conditions

108. Caprice

A Sudden Desire

109. Cardinal

Cardinal Is A High

110. Cardiologist

a person, who is specialist in heart diseases

111. Carnivorous

one, who lives on flesh

112. Cartographer

one, who draws maps

113. Cavalry

soldiers, who fight on horse back

114. Chauffeur

one, who is employed to drive a motor car

115. Choreographer

one, who teaches dancing

116. Cite

Make Reference To

117. Clad

Dressed Or Covered

118. Cleave

Separate Or Cut With A Tool, Such As A Sharp Instrument

119. Clemency

Mercy, Lenience

120. Cloakroom

a place for luggage at railway station

121. Coast

The Shore Of A Sea Or Ocean

122. Cohere

Cause To Form A United, Orderly, And Aesthetically Consistent Whole

123. Concept

An Abstract Or General Idea Inferred Or Derived From Specific Instances

124. Confer

Have A Conference In Order To Talk Something Over

125. Confined


126. Confluence

The place where two or more water bodies meet

127. Congenial

Agreeable and pleasing in nature or character

128. Connoisseur

a critical judge of any art and craft

129. Conscientious

Characterized By Extreme Care And Great Effort

130. Consecrate

Render Holy By Means Of Religious Rites

131. Consider

Deem To Be

132. Conspicuous

Obvious To The Eye Or Mind

133. Constellation

A Group Of Stars Forming A Recognizable Pattern That Is Traditionally Named After Its Apparent Form Or Identified With A Mythological Figure.

134. Constrained

Lacking Spontaneity, Not Natural

135. Contemporaries

belonging to or living at the same time

136. Contemporary

living or occurring at the same time.

137. Contempt

Lack Of Respect

138. Contend

Compete For Something

139. Contrive

Make Or Work Out A Plan For, Devise

140. Convalescent

one, who is recovering health

141. Convention

A Meeting, Usually Of A Particular Group

142. Cosmopolitan

a person who regards whole world as his country

143. Cower

To Shrink In Fear

144. Creche

a nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work

145. Crusade

a religious war

146. Curator

a person incharge of a museum

147. Cynic

one, who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men

148. Cynosure

centre of attraction

149. Dangerous

able or likely to cause harm or injury.

150. Daunting

Seeming Difficult To Deal With In Prospect.

151. Deceive

Cheat, Delude, Beguile

152. Deceptive

giving an appearance or impression different from the true one, misleading.

153. Decorum

Propriety In Manners And Conduct

154. Decree

An Official Order That Has The Force Of Law.

155. Delicacy

The Quality Of Being Beautiful And Delicate In Appearance

156. Delicious

highly pleasant to the taste.

157. Demographer

A Scientist Who Studies The Growth And Density Of Populations And Their Vital Statistics

158. Deprave


159. Despair

A State In Which All Hope Is Lost Or Absent

160. Despicable

Contemptible, Detestable, Not Lovable

161. Destitute

Without The Basic Necessities Of Life.

162. Diabolic

Having the qualities of the devil

163. Dicey

unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

164. Dingy

Covered With Dirt

165. Disconcert

Feels Confused And Out Of Sorts

166. Discreet

Quiet, Prudent

167. Disposition

Your Usual Mood Or Attitude Towards Life

168. Distinction

A Discrimination Between Things As Different And Distinct

169. Dormitory

the sleeping rooms with several beds especially in a college or institution

170. Drawn

a game that results neither in victory nor in defeat

171. Dubious

hesitating or doubting.

172. Dwell

Think Moodily Or Anxiously About Something

173. Ebb

Fall Away Or Decline

174. Edible

fit to be eaten

175. Edict

A Formal Or Authoritative Proclamation

176. Edifice


177. Effeminate

a person who is womanish

178. Egalitarian

Asserting equality for all people

179. Egotism

practice of talking too much about oneself

180. Elaborate

Marked By Complexity And Richness Of Detail

181. Elegy

a poem of lamentation

182. Elude


183. Emigrant

a person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another

184. Emulate

Imitate, Compete, Mimic

185. Encyclopedia

186. Enduring


187. Enigma

An inexplicable person or situation

188. Enjoin

Give Instructions To Or Direct Somebody To Do Something With Authority

189. Enmity

The State Or Feeling Of Being Actively Opposed

190. Ensue

Issue Or Terminate

191. Entreat

Ask For Or Request Earnestly

192. Ephemeral

lasting one day

193. Epicure

one, who is devoted to the pleasure of eating and drinking

194. Epitaph

words which are inscribed on the grave or the tomb in the memory of the buried

195. Ersatz

An artificial substance used as a substitute to a natural one, often inferior

196. Espionage

The act of spying (by the government or otherwise)

197. Evasive


198. Everlasting

lasting forever or a very long time.

199. Evident


200. Exalt

Praise, Glorify Or Honor

201. Exasperate


202. Exert

Make A Great Effort At A Mental Or Physical Task

203. Exertion

Use Of Physical Or Mental Energy, Hard Work

204. Exhausted


205. Explicate

206. Exploit

207. Extort

Obtain By Coercion Or Intimidation

208. Facile

Arrived At Without Due Care Or Effort, Lacking Depth

209. Facsimile

an exact copy of handwriting, printing etc

210. Fanatic

211. Fancy

Imagine, Conceive Of, See In Ones Mind

212. Fastidious

one, who is very

213. Fatal

causing death

214. Fathom

Come To Understand

215. Fauna

the animals of a certain region

216. Feminist

one, who works for the welfare of the women

217. Fervent

Characterized By Intense Emotion

218. Flora

the plants of a particular region

219. Florist

one, who deals

220. Flourish

Grow Vigorously

221. Fore

222. Foreword

A Short Introduction To A Book, Preface

223. Forsake

Leave Someone Who Needs

224. Fortitude

Emotional Power

225. Fortunate

favoured by or involving good luck, lucky.

226. Fragile

easily broken

227. Fratricide

murder of brother

228. Fray

A Noisy Fight

229. Fugitive

one, who runs away from justice or the law

230. Furnish

Provide Or Equip With Furniture

231. Genocide

murder of race

232. Gentry

The Most Powerful Members Of A Society

233. Germane


234. Get

come to have (something), receive.

235. Gird

Get Ready For The Dangerous Situation

236. Granary

a place for grains

237. Grapple

Try To Overcome

238. Gregarious

Fond of the company of other people

239. Gregarious

Fond of the company of other people

240. Hangar

a place for housing aeroplanes

241. Hapless


242. Harbinger

A person or thing which signals the approach of another

243. Headlong

In A Hasty Or Rushly Manner

244. Hearsay

information received from other people which cannot be substantiated, rumour.

245. Hearse

a vehicle which is used to carry a dead body

246. Hedonist

one, who believes that pleasure is the chief good (sensual)

247. Heed

Pay Close Attention To

248. Herbivorous

one, who lives on herbs

249. Heretic

one, who acts against religion

250. Hermit

One who has withdrawn to a solitary life or religious seclusion

251. Hive

a place for bees

252. Homicide

murder of man

253. Honorary

holding office without any remuneration

254. Horde

A Moving Crowd

255. Horizon

a line at which the earth and the sky seem to meet

256. Horticulture

the art of cultivating and managing gardens

257. Humiliate

Cause To Feel Shame, Hurt The Pride Of

258. Hyperbole

An extravagant statement not meant to be taken literally

259. Hypothesis

a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

260. Idea

satisfying ones conception of what is perfect, most suitable.

261. Illegible

incapable of being read

262. Immigrant

a person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there

263. Impassive

not feeling or showing emotion.

264. Impel

Cause To Move Forward With Force

265. Imperturbable

Incapable of being upset or agitated

266. Important

of great significance or value.

267. Imposed

Set Forth Authoritatively As Obligatory

268. Imposing

Impressive In Appearance

269. Impracticable

incapable of being practised

270. Impudent

Not Showing Due Respect For Another Person.

271. Impulsive

Spontaneous Or Forceful

272. Inaccessible

that cannot be easily approached

273. Inaudible

a sound that cannot be heard

274. Incognito

travelling under another name than ones own

275. Incorrigible

incapable of being corrected

276. Indefatigable

one, who does not tire easily

277. Indelible

that cannot be erased

278. Indolent


279. Inevitable

Unavoidable, Unpreventable

280. Inevitable

Unavoidable, Unpreventable

281. Infallible

Incapable Of Failure Or Error

282. Infallible

Incapable Of Failure Or Error

283. Infanticide

murder of an infant

284. Infantry

soldiers, who fight on foot

285. Infirmary

a home or room used for ill or injured people

286. Inflammable

liable to catch fire easily

287. Insist

Be Emphatic Or Resolute

288. Insolent

Boldly rude or disrespectful

289. Insolvent

290. Inspire

To Excite, Encourage, Or Breathe Life Into

291. Instance

An Occurrence Of Something

292. Insurgent

A Rebel Or A Revolutionary

293. Interregnum

a period of interval between two reigns or governments

294. Intimate

Marked By Close Acquaintance, Association, Or Familiarity

295. Intrigue

Cause To Be Interested Or Curious

296. Invigilator

one, who supervises in the examination hall

297. Invincible

one, too strong to be overcome

298. Irreparable

incapable of being repaired

299. Itinerant

one, who journeys from place to place

300. Jerk

Jolt, Pull, Blockhead, Dolt

301. Keen

Interest In Something, Focused

302. Kennel

a place for dogs

303. Kindle

Catch Fire

304. Knowingly

in a way that suggests one has secret knowledge or awareness.

305. Labor

Any Piece Of Work That Is Undertaken Or Attempted

306. Languid

Lacking Spirit Or Liveliness

307. Latitude

Freedom From Normal Restraints In Conduct

308. Lavish

Occurring or happening in profusion

309. Lazy

unwilling to work or use energy.

310. Lecherous

Characterised by inappropriate behaviour

311. Lethal

sufficient to cause death.

312. Leverage

Clout, Power, Influence, Advantage

313. Levy

Impose (a Tax, Fee, Or Fine)

314. Lexicographer

one, who compiles a dictionary

315. Linguist

one, who is skilled in foreign languages

316. Loath

Strongly Opposed

317. Lofty

Of Imposing Height

318. Loquacious

one, who talks continuously

319. Loquacious

one, who talks continuously

320. Lucid

expressed clearly, easy to understand.

321. Lugubrious

Extremely sad and depressed

322. Lunatic

an insane person

323. Luxuriant

Produced Or Growing In Extreme Abundance

324. Machination

To plot evilly for personal gain

325. Madness

the state of having a serious mental illness.

326. Magnanimous


327. Maiden speech

the first speech delivered by a person

328. Malice

Feeling A Need To See Others Suffer

329. Mammals

animals which give milk

330. Manifest

Reveal Its Presence Or Make An Appearance

331. Manifestation

A Clear Appearance

332. Martyr

one, who dies for a noble cause

333. Matricide

murder of mother

334. Maverick

Open Minded

335. Mendacity


336. Mercenary

337. Minute

Very Small

338. Misanthrope

a hater of mankind

339. Mischievous

causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.

340. Misogamist

one, who hates marriage

341. Missionary

a person, who is sent to propagate religion

342. Monetary

Relating To Or Involving Money

343. Morgue

a place, where dead bodies are kept for identification

344. Mortify

Cause To Feel Shame, Hurt The Pride Of

345. Mortuary

a place, where dead bodies are kept for post mortem

346. Mountebank

Someone who deceives others especially to rob them of their money

347. Muddle

Confuse, Mix Up, Confound, Jumble, Tangle

348. Multitude

A Large Indefinite Number

349. Muse

Reflect Deeply On A Subject

350. Muster

Gather Or Bring Together

351. Namesake

a person having same name as another

352. Narcotic

a medicine for producing sleep

353. Nerd

Geek, Techie

354. Nostalgia

a strong desire to return home, home sickness

355. Nostalgic

Sentimental, Wistful

356. Notify

inform (someone) of something, typically in a formal or official manner.

357. Notion

A General Inclusive Concept

358. Novice

someone who has entered a religious order but has not taken final vows

359. Nugatory

of no value or importance.

360. Numismatics

the study of coins

361. Obdurate

stubbornly refusing to change ones opinion or course of action.

362. Obituary

an account in the newspaper of the funeral of the one deceased

363. Obscure

Not Discovered

364. Obsolete

no longer produced or used, out of date.

365. Obsolete

no longer produced or used, out of date.

366. Obstetrician

one, who is skilled in midwifery

367. Odium

State Of Disgrace Resulting From Detestable Behavior

368. Omnipotent

one, who is all powerful

369. Omnipresent

one, who is present everywhere

370. Omniscient

one, who knows everything

371. Omnivorous

one, who eats everything

372. Opaque

that which cannot be seen through

373. Oppress

To Use Authority To Keep Someone Down

374. Optimist

a person who looks at the brighter side of things

375. Orphan

one, who has lost parents

376. Orphanage

a home for orphans

377. Outskirts

Outlying Areas

378. Pacify

To Bring Peace Or Calm To The Situation

379. Paleography

the study of ancient writing

380. Parable

A Short Moral Story

381. Parochial

Having a limited or narrow outlook

382. Parochial

Having a limited or narrow outlook

383. Parricide

someone who kills his or her parent

384. Passable

just good enough to be acceptable, satisfactory.

385. Passage

A Section Of Text

386. Pathetic

Pitiable, Pitiful, Paltry

387. Paucity

Scarcity, Shortage, Dearth

388. Pawn


389. Pedant

one, who makes a vain display of his knowledge

390. Pediatrician

a specialist in the care of babies
Synonyms:baby doctor,pediatrician,pediatrist,paediatrician

391. Peevish

Easily irritated, testy or annoyed

392. Perceptible

Noticeable, Sensible, Observable

393. Perish

Slow Death Or Non Violent Death

394. Perpetrate

Perform An Act, Usually With A Negative Connotation

395. Perplexed

To Feel Completely Baffled

396. Persist

Continue To Exist

397. Pessimist

a person who looks at the darker side of things

398. Petrified

So Frightened That Not Able To Move Or Think

399. Philanderer

one, who amuses himself by love making

400. Philanthropist

a lover of mankind

401. Philistine

one who does not care for art and literature

402. Philologist

403. Pious

Having Or Showing Or Expressing Reverence For A Deity

404. Plagiarism

literary theft or passing off an authors original work as ones own

405. Platitude

ordinary remarks often repeated

406. Plead

Enter A Plea

407. Plebiscite

(a decision made by) votes of all qualified citizens

408. Plight

Unfortunate Situation, Difficult

409. Plutocracy

government by the rich

410. Poke

Jab, Prod, Pry

411. Polyandry

the practice of marrying more than one husband at a time

412. Polygamy

the practice of marrying more than one wife at a time

413. Polyglot

one, who speaks many languages

414. Ponder

Think About Carefully, Especially Before Making A Decision Or Reaching A Conclusion.

415. Posthumous

a child born after the death of his father or the book published after the death of the writer

416. Postmortem

an examination of dead body

417. Potable

fit to drink

418. Preceding

come before (something) in time.

419. Precept

Rule Of Personal Conduct

420. Precept

Rule Of Personal Conduct

421. Predicament

a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation.

422. Priority

the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important than others.

423. Procrastination

Act Of Delaying Something

424. Procurement

Obtainment, Acquirement

425. Project

A Planned Undertaking

426. Prowess

Exceptional Skill Or Ability

427. Pseudonym

an imaginary name assumed by an author for disguise

428. Quarantine

an act of separation from other persons to avoid infection

429. Queer


430. Quiet

making little or no noise.

431. Quirk

A Strange Act

432. Quite

to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree, absolutely, completely.

433. Radiant


434. Rail

Criticize Severely

435. Ratify

Approve And Express Assent

436. Rave

Praise Enthusiastically

437. Reconciliation

438. Recourse

Source Of Help

439. Redundant

Surplus, more than what is required

440. Regicide

murder of King or Queen

441. Reminiscence

a story told about a past event remembered by the narrator.

442. Remorse

deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed.

443. Remorseful

Feeling Or Expressing Pain Or Sorrow For Sins Or Offenses.

444. Remote

situated far from the main centres of population, distant.

445. Repeal

Cancel Officially

446. Repent


447. Restive

Unable to remain still, especially because of boredom or dissatisfaction

448. Restraint

Restriction, Reserve, Limitation, Control

449. Restraint

Restriction, Reserve, Limitation, Control

450. Retaliate

To Take Revenge

451. Reticent


452. Retort

A Quick Reply To A Question Or Remark

453. Retraction

To Withdraw A Statement Or Any Charge

454. Rhetoric

Using Language Effectively To Please Or Persuade

455. Rhetoric

Using Language Effectively To Please Or Persuade

456. Sacrilege

violating or profaning religious things/places

457. Sanatorium

a place for the sick to recover health

458. Sanction

Give Authority Or Permission To

459. Sanctity

The State Or Quality Of Being Holy, Sacred, Or Saintly.

460. Sarcastic

Biting, Sardonic

461. Satire

Witty Language Used To Convey Insults Or Scorn

462. Scarce

Deficient In Quantity Or Number Compared With The Demand

463. Scared


464. Scorching

Very Hot, Burning, Torrid

465. Sculptor

one, who cuts in stones

466. Sentinel

A Person Keeping Watch

467. Shook

Emotionally Disturbed Or Upset

468. Shrewd


469. Significant

470. Sinecure

a job with high salary but little responsibility

471. Slay

Kill Intentionally And With Premeditation

472. Slew

Large Number Or Amount

473. Slovenly


474. Sobbing

Cry Noisely

475. Sobriquet

A Persons Nickname.

476. Solace

Consolation, Comfort, Relief

477. Somnambulist

a person, who walks in sleep

478. Sorority

479. Souvenir

a thing kept as a reminder of a person, place or event

480. Squander

Waste, Dissipate, Lavish

481. Stable

a place for horses

482. Staid

Dignified, Respectable

483. Stake

A Strong Wooden Or Metal Post With A Point At One End So It Can Be Driven Into The Ground

484. Steep

Having A Sharp Inclination

485. Stipulate

Specify As A Condition Or Requirement In A Contract Or Agreement

486. Stock

The Capital Raised By A Corporation Through The Issue Of Shares Entitling Holders To An Ownership Interest

487. Stoic

a person, who is indifferent to pleasure and pain and has control over his passions

488. Story

an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

489. Stratum

People Having The Same Social, Economic, Or Educational Status

490. Strident

Making or having a harsh sound

491. Strife

Quarrel, Contention, Dispute, Fight, Conflict

492. Stubborn

Obstinate, Unrelenting

493. Stump

Cause To Be Perplexed Or Confounded

494. Sublime

Of High Moral Or Intellectual Value, Elevated In Nature Or Style

495. Subside

Wear Off Or Die Down

496. Substantially

to a great or significant extent.

497. Suicide

murder of oneself

498. Sulking

Be Silent, Morose

499. Suppliant

Humbly Entreating

500. Symmetry

Balance Among The Parts Of Something

501. Tarry

Leave Slowly And Hesitantly

502. Teetotaler

503. Temper

a persons state of mind seen in terms of their being angry or calm.

504. Theocracy

government by religious principles

505. Throng

Press Tightly Together Or Cram

506. Toil

To Work Hard

507. Topper

a worker who makes or adds the top to something

508. Torpid

mentally or physically inactive, lethargic.

509. Tout

To Praise Or To Boast

510. Tract

A System Of Body Parts That Together Serve Some Particular Purpose

511. Transitory

512. Transparent

that which can be seen through

513. Trauma

Serious Injury Or Shock

514. Tread

A Step In Walking Or Running

515. Trepidation

Tremulous fear or agitation

516. Triennial

an event which happens once in three years

517. Trifles

A Thing Of Little Value Or Importance.

518. Truant

a person/student who absents himself from class or duty without permission

519. Uncouth


520. Untimely

happening or done at an unsuitable time.

521. Utopia

an imaginary perfect social and political system

522. Uxorious

one extremely fond of ones wife

523. Vagrant

A person who wanders about idly and is homeless and jobless

524. Vain

having or showing an excessively high opinion of ones appearance, abilities, or worth.

525. Vain

having or showing an excessively high opinion of ones appearance, abilities, or worth.

526. Valet


527. Venerable

Impressive By Reason Of Age

528. Venerate

Regard With Feelings Of Respect And Reverence

529. Venial

a fault that may be forgiven

530. Ventriloquist

a performer who projects the voice into a wooden dummy

531. Verbatim

repetition of speech or writing word for word

532. Versatile

interested in and clever at many different things

533. Veteran

one, who has a long experience of any occupation

534. Vex

Cause Annoyance In, Disturb, Especially By Minor Irritations

535. Virgin

a woman who has no sexual experience

536. Visage

The Human Face

537. Vivacious

Full of vigour and energy

538. Volunteer

one, who offers one?s services

539. Wander

To Move Or Cause To Move In A Sinuous, Spiral, Or Circular Course

540. Wardrobe

a place for clothes

541. Wax

Grow Larger Or Increase

542. Weigh


543. Wistful

Showing Pensive Sadness

544. Wont

A Custom Or Habit

545. Wrong

not correct or true, incorrect.

546. Zenith

the time at which something is most powerful or successful.